We are waging war on mediocrity by helping people take control of their lives, one family at a time.

About Us.

Trustworthy Financial was founded by Michael Hall in August of 2011.

As a USMC veteran, a firefighter, and a father, Michael knows how to fight for what he cares about. This agency was founded with a fighting spirit that is represented all through our core values and mission statement. With trust, respect, discipline, humility, desire, and connection, our CEO is cultivating an agency that unites family and prestige.

Our mission, "waging war on mediocrity by helping people take control of their lives, one family at a time" is not just a catchphrase; it is a battle cry. Trustworthy Financial was founded on this declaration, as an oath to our agents, as well as to our founder. 

Michael desires to inspire others to take control of their own lives, while also in control of his own life, creating a strong example for his three daughters. He dared to be different and sought a path that is both ethically and morally sound, one which would offer his family the life he dreamed of for them. With determination and hunger, Michael has constructed an organization that is leading the strike against the ordinary.

Core Values
Debt Free 4 Life™

Debt Free 4 Life ™ is our platform that allows agents to help families eliminate their debts sooner, while building cash reserves that will allow them to remain debt-free! Most families accomplish this without increasing their monthly budget.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Insurance provides much needed security for homeowners. Gain access to a wide range of carriers and products, allowing you to offer tailored solutions that safeguard your clients' mortgage investments. Join us and make a meaningful impact on your clients' financial security while growing your business.

Living Benefits

Living Benefits offer additional coverage to keep your clients protected while they are still alive. Expand your portfolio with products that will help your clients in case of critical and chronic illness, while also taking care of their other financial needs. Join us in using this revolutionary insurance to help protect your client's financial future.

Final Expense

Final expense is a crucial solution that provides financial security for end-of-life expenses. You'll have access to multiple carriers and products to meet your clients' needs. Our comprehensive training and tools will empower you to succeed in this rewarding field. Join us and make a meaningful impact on your clients' lives.

Retirement Solutions

Our Retirement Solutions Division offers tax-free retirement options to our clients. With multiple options, an agent will have access to a variety of carriers and products to help their clients make the best choice when it comes to their future. Not to mention the training, back-office support, and more to make this all possible!

Wait! There's More!

Help secure your clients' future with College Planning, Key-man Insurance, and more! With access to a variety of top rated carriers, a ranging portfolio of products, consistent training, excellent back office support, and innovative tools- you will always be empowered to serve your clients well.

Our Partner.

Equis Financial is the premier insurance marketing organization for independent insurance agents and agency builders. Founded by field agents, Equis was designed from the ground up to be the company agents can call home, the company where agents and agency managers can build a career built to last. The Agent’s Company is much more than a tagline, it’s a promise. Through partnerships with the industry’s best carriers, we bring our agents a portfolio of products that can provide protection to the families we serve so desperately need.

Home Office Address:

Trustworthy Financial
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Phone: 317.436.1644
email: tguilmette@trustworthy.life

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