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How are DF4L agents paid?

Agents are paid commissions* based on their activity and issued sales within the program.

How much can I earn with DF4L?

Agents are paid by the insurance carriers directly. An agent's income potential is based on their individual placement rate, activity level, and ability to help clients. The average DF4L policy commission is $2,000*.

Are there any fees to participate?

This depends on your level of activity. If you are simply referring warm market business there are no fees. If you wish to become a specialist yourself and gain full access to the program, there is an initial fee of $599 which includes set up of your personal software and website, and printing your initial marketing materials. There is an ongoing monthly fee of $197 for access to the software. The software allows us to keep in contact with the client and track their individual debt elimination program.

Can I be a Referring Agent only?

Yes! Many agents start out referring business to a specialist for a percentage of the commissions*. This is a great way to learn the DF4L system, while you earn some extra cash and help families across America!

Can I work with outside carriers?

Yes! While agents are welcome to partner with us for our other programs, we are non-captive. You are free to maintain your current situation, and use our Debt Free 4 Life™ program to add to your portfolio!

Is there a DF4L leads program?

Yes! We have a very successful lead program, currently running in all states but New York and Alaska.

Are you working with IULs?

No. Indexed Universal Life is a great product for other applications, however, we use participating whole life as the most effective vehicle to help our clients accumulate cash to pay off their debt.

* must be contracted with DF4L carrier and licensed in client's resident state to receive compensation.

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