Debt-Free 4 Life

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What is Debt-Free 4 Life™?

Our Debt-Free 4 Life™ platform helps families eliminate their debt, the financial burden that is making their creditors rich while keeping the consumers in bondage.

We accomplish that by shifting the benefits of Compounding Interest from the banks and lenders to the client, using a Specially Designed Insurance Contract (SDIC)*. 

Our proprietary software, in tandem with the SDIC, helps our specialists track the clients debts and accumulations, and the program sends alerts when it's time to pay off each debt.

Most client families are becoming debt-free in 1/2 to 1/3 the time, without adding any new outlays to their monthly budget.  And, at the end of the plan the client has also accumulated a nice "nest egg" to help them stay out of debt in the future.

Referring Agents

Our Referring Agent program allows life-licensed agents to send their clients to a certified Debt-Free 4 Life™ specialist, and earn a commission* on cases that are placed in force.

The specialist will meet with the client family virtually, review their debt situation, and show them exactly how Debt-Free 4 Life™ will work for them. They will see what their current total Effective Interest Cost is, how quickly they can be debt-free, and how much cash they will have accumulated when the plan is complete.

The specialist will help them apply for the SDIC and keep track throughout the qualification process. Once the plan is in place the software keeps both the client and specialist informed about their progress, and when the time comes to pay off each debt they will work together to access the funds and complete the pay-off.

Become A Specialist

All agents have the opportunity to become a Debt-Free 4 Life™ Specialist, if they wish. 

Our training and mentoring program, along with our easy to follow presentation, make the client consultation process simple to learn. The proprietary software lays out the timeline and values, and contains the unique, automatic communication platform that completes the system.  The software cost is affordable*, especially against the commission potential in the program.

Recent Client Cases

I just helped a nice lady in CA eliminate $53,773 in 7 years! Not only will it cut off 9.33 years of payments, when she completes the program she will have $29,690 in cash available!

I was able to help a family in El Paso Tx eliminate $184,668 of debt in ONLY 7 years! Not only that, we are knocking off over 9 years of payments and they will have $77,178 of cash in their account when they finish the program! They are in the health insurance industry and are contracting with us to be able to help others with this incredible program as well!

I just helped a gentleman in Washington DC eliminate $547,185 in debt in 19 years. When he completes the program he will have $75,478 in his cash account. Even though this is only cutting off a few years of his debt payments he is so excited to see a light at the end of the tunnel and very excited about the cash he will have at the end!


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