Guided StartUp

Virtual Sales Training Center

New Agent Guided Startup

Step 1 - Gearing Up

You will need a few things in place before you begin with our Virtual Team.

  1. A quiet, dedicated work space where you can stay focused and available during the day.
  2. An adequate internet connection and optimized devices to effectively communicate with clients and participate in the virtual team meeting.
  3. Zoom Account to attend LIVE virtual team meetings.
  4. Whereby Account for client video meetings.
  5. Band app to stay in contact with the team for updates, help & encouragement.
  6. Set up a business email with email signature to send to clients for video appointments
  7. Complete Insurance Basic Training using the button below
  8. Print your Scripts and Guides
  9. Buy and Print Leads
With these tools in place you must make sure you are Mentally Prepared for your day to begin. This is the key to success in our business.
Your MINDSET affects your activity, your clients and your bottom line.

Step 2 - Schedule, Activity & Tracking

View the following videos to learn what a typical work week and schedule looks like for top performing agents; how to use the Activity Tracker to set goals and hit achievements; and what tools you should be using to schedule and track your business.

Step 3 - Setting the Appointment

Watch these videos for success tips and live dials from some of our top virtual agents! Pay close attention to the script that they are using – once you comprehend the script, your confidence will grow.

Remember, the key to success is setting the six appointments daily. Your dialing activity makes those appointments happen!

Step 4 - Preparing for the Appointment

Being prepared for the appointment is crucial. The following are tools that you will need during the appointment with the client. These videos will help you with mental preparation as well as using the quoting software necessary for success.

Step 5 - Live Presentations

Watch and study the following videos of top agents during a live presentation. These presentations were recorded for training purposes and will show you just how you will need to walk your clients through the process of getting protected.

Step 6 - Tips, Tricks, and Final Thoughts

Congratulations on making it through the step-by-step training for being a virtual agent!

Here are some final thoughts and tips for success.

  • Once your day is complete leave it at the door.
  • Start each day with a blank slate and positive mindset.
The journey won't always seem easy, but, with this training and the help of our managers and your peers, your success is just so many dials away!