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We help motivated, business-minded (entrepreneurial) individuals create success by equipping you with the systems and resources you need to achieve your goals.

When you work with Trustworthy Financial, you work with a proven and clearly defined business system in the financial services industry – a system that empowers you to strike out against ordinary, running your own business to create the life you envision for yourself and your family. Along with our strategic partners, we will help you create a strong foundation, and support you like no other organization! At Trustworthy you will find real, like-minded people – people who dare to dream every day – along with mentors who are leading the way on the battlefield.


USMC Veteran. Firefighter. Father. Leader.

Michael Hall knows how to fight for what he cares about.

Trustworthy Financial was founded with a fighting spirit that is represented all through our core values and mission statement. With trust, respect, discipline, humility, desire, and connection, our Senior Executive Marketing Director is cultivating an agency that unites family and significance.

Insight From Trustworthy CEO Mike Hall:

Frequently asked questions:

Question: "Can I start part time?"

Yes. Many of our most successful agents started part-time while they kept their 9-5 job, before transitioning into a full-time career with us.

Question: "Can I work remotely?"

Yes. We have developed a highly successful virtual platform for both full and part-time agents!

Question: "How many leads does the average agent need?"

On average, our full-time agents purchase 10-15 leads per week, but do keep in mind that your success is not dependent on leads.

Question: "Are agents paid commission only?"

Yes. Agents make their living from generous commissions paid directly from the insurance companies, as well as bonuses and incentives from our partners. Most agents, starting part-time, quickly see how this system gives them the opportunity to earn while they learn, and to get paid for the value the create.

Question: "How much can a new agent make?"

New agents who follow the system will quickly be able to create $500-1500 weekly cash flow.

Question: "Are there any fees to use your systems?"

NO! And we are proud of that! We are in the business of selling insurance. We view our agents as partners and want our agents to reach their full sales potential in a professional atmosphere. That is why we do not have any membership fees, special club fees, contract promotion fees, or training university fees.

Question: "Do I need an insurance license?"

Yes. The insurance industry is highly regulated. All of our agents must have, or obtain, a life insurance producer’s license for the state in which they reside in order to write business. All states require a minimum of age 18 years of age for licensing.

Question: "Can I get my insurance license online?"

Yes and no. In most states you can complete your required pre-licensing study course online with a preferred provider. We have partnerships with these providers, and they offer our agents a discounted rate. To register for your licensing course, contact our office for your discount code. Typically, state license examinations are completed in person at a local testing center.

Question: "Can I earn a pay increase?"

Absolutely. Every 2 months agents are eligible to receive contract raises based on production. Individual agents can earn top contracts that are normally only given to agency managers. Agency managers have the ability to earn contracts that surpass the industry standard.

Question: "Are there leadership opportunities?"

Yes. Our platform is designed to facilitate growth and to assist agents in building their own agencies. Our leadership and training platform are designed to help develop motivated agents to become the CEO of their own agency, large or small.

Question: "How much do leads cost?"

Lead cost depends on the type of lead, the age of the lead, and contract level of the agent. For a new agent there are leads available from 10¢ to $62 each. Your manager will help you plan your initial lead order, to maximize your return-on-investment, and flatten your learning curve. A new agent must balance their investment of dollars to their investment of time.  While leads are not a required purchase, they do provide a predictable platform for success.

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