Building Distribution:
Who Is A Good Prospect for my List?

  1. Don't Pre-Judge on Interest
    • If you find yourself thinking "they wouldn't be interested", STOP! Put them on the list (if they fit the following criteria)
  2. Do consider Circumstances
    • this is not a good fit for someone who needs a JOB, an immediate income (financially strapped).  It does take time to get licensed and contracted, and someone who NEEDS this may have a hard time making it work.
    • The best candidates are already successful, in a career or business. They have done the things it takes to get ahead, and likely can repeat those efforts. Be sure to include them, they may surprise you and have an interest. You might believe they already make more money than they need.
  3. The six-point profile - use as a guide, not a rule. If someone meets 4 or more they can be a strong prospect.
    • Age: 25-35
    • In a committed relationship/married
    • Have a family
    • Already employed
    • Own a home or paying rent
    • in reasonably good health

Michael Hall on Building Distribution

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