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How to Promote to Sales Manager

"You + 2"

Sales Manager is achieved when you have at least 2 QUWs along with yourself, and the group produces a minimum of $25k paid bonusable APV* in 2 consecutive months.


Definitions & Rules:

*QUW= Qualified Unique Writer: An agent that has 3 issued paid applications of non-controlled business, excluding children’s and accidental policies.

*Paid Bonusable APV: Paid application that meets bonus guidelines.

Qualification period: Initial qualification requires guidelines to be met for 2 consecutive months.

Requalification period: To requalify for a level, guidelines must be met at least 2 out of 6 consecutive months.

Acceptable placement and persistency: You must maintain at least 65% placement and 78.5% persistency while being in good standing with the company at the time of promotion and bonus.

50% rule: During promotion or bonus calculations, no more than 50% of the paid production value may come from any leg within your hierarchy.

Maximum credits: $2,500 maximum credit per application.

Skipping levels: Levels can be skipped as long as you are in good standing with the company.


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